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Yacht Port Nautica is located at the 1,718.5 stream kilometre on the right bank of the Danube, in Esztergom. It is 50 kilometres away upstream from the Hungarian capital city, Budapest. The port, which has been operating since 1989, is a popular destination for guests who prefer spending their free time in quiet and romantic environment. The first monument that catches the eye of the yachtsmen arriving in Esztergom from the direction of Komárom is Basilica, the landmark of the town.

The ’Small Danube’ – the backwater meeting Hungary’s major river on its right side, under the reconstructed bridge called Maria Valeria – houses the Yacht Port Nautica. The heart of the picturesque town is within walking distance of the Port. Going over a foot-bridge adjacent to the port, our guests can easily reach the (shopping centre) / department store and the street market situated in the centre of the town. Restaurants, coffee bars, pavement cafes and other entertainment facilities await the tourists visiting Esztergom. Yacht Port Nautica provides an extensive range of services for its warmly welcomed guests.